One of Shane's more frequent methods of outreach are his presentations, lectures, and events. Shane has hosted events at schools, organizations, and other venues across Long Island and elsewhere.

Below you will find brief descriptions of some of the events Shane has hosted or curated.

Shane is currently available for booking venues.

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Giving a lecture at the Southampton Arts Center.


Singing and speaking at a community event at the Shinnecock Community Center.


Sitting on a panel during a screening Shane co-curated of "Tribal Justice" at the Southampton Arts Center.


A cultural presentation at the Southampton Arts Center with Tribal members. (Left to Right: Cholena Smith, Weyhan Smith, John Boyd, Shane Weeks).

A workshop hosted by Shane Weeks at the Watermill Center.

Wampum Lecture Series

Shane's first lecture. Facilitated by the Shinnecock Cultural Center and Museum in 2015, Shane discusses the importance of wampum in Native American culture.

Shane Weeks gives a presentation at the  "Nights @ The Round Table" Venue hosted by The Watermill Center.

Shane speaks about his culture, connection to his community, and his connection to Watermill Center.

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