Shane is currently exploring the medium of film. His first project, "The Shores of Shinnecock", focuses on sharing the history of the Shinnecock people through his eyes and the eyes of his fellow tribal members. He is also currently working on other film projects that will include similar stories and content.

See below for some of Shane's very first editing and film works.

The Shores of Shinnecock

 "The Shores of Shinnecock" is an artistic project by Shinnecock member Shane Weeks. Exploring through the medium of film for the first time, his goal is to spread awareness and bridge the gaps between the Shinnecock community and communities abroad.   Each segment will focus on a specific aspect of Shinnecock culture and history.  Footage by Shane Weeks. 

"The Shores of Shinnecock" Series Trailer

Introduction trailer to a series of episodes focusing on the history of Shinnecock. The Shinnecock Reservation is located in Southampton, New York.

Footage by Shane Weeks.

"The Shores of Shinnecock: This is Who We Are"

This episode is an introduction to this series. A unique first hand outlook focusing on the history of the Shinnecock people and their lands. 

Footage by Shane Weeks. 

"The Shores of Shinnecock: The Road Home"

 In this episode, Shane focuses on the importance of the Shinnecock language and today's connection and history of the general locations of traditional indigenous sites around the east end of Long Island.

Footage by Shane Weeks.

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