Shane's Current Projects

Below you will find a brief description of the projects Shane is currently working on.

Indigenous International

An Artistic Project By Shane

Indigenous International gathers the firsthand accounts of indigenous people around the world in an effort to reveal and document the interconnections and diversity of indigenous culture. The experiences are documented and expressed through a collection of film, books, music, art and dance performances, and intercultural workshops, which is accessible at for all to see. The collaborations facilitated by Indigenous International are intended foster the growth of future partnerships and perpetuate a cycle of indigenous inclusion and intercultural learning.


"The Shores Of Shinnecock"

Shane is currently exploring the world of film. His first project, "The Shores Of Shinnecock" is a series of short films that offer a window into the life and culture of Shinnecock through Shane's eyes. All of the footage and editing in this project will be completed by Shane himself. 

The Shores Of Shinnecock


"That Shinnecock Sunset"

Shane is also finding his way into the art of photography. One project his is currently building is called "That Shinnecock Sunset". Focusing on revealing the beauty of Shinnecock through its vivid Sunsets.

"That Shinnecock Sunset" Gallery

"In Shane's Hands"

Shane has the unique ability to stumble across some interesting findings. In many cases these findings are animals that feel comfortable in Shane's hands! "In Shane's Hands" offers a glimpse into Shane's life and the uncanny discoveries he makes.

"In Shane's Hands" Gallery

Other Photographs

See some of Shane's other photographs of wildlife, landscapes, and the natural world!


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