Board and Committee Affiliations

Image of The Watermill Center Summer Residents Welcoming Ceremony.

By Jeremy Dennis

Southampton Town Arts and Culture Committee

A founding member of a Town Committee founded by Hope Sandrow.

"The Southampton Arts and Culture Committee (SHACC)’s mission is to advise the Town of Southampton on promoting greater exposure and participation in arts and culture-related activities through creative collaboration. Founded in 2017, its goal is to inspire engagement with art in historical, cultural, and social contexts on the East End of Long Island."

Southampton Town Arts and Culture Committee

Watermill Center Community Fellowship

Shane is a Residency Alum and currently a Community Fellow. Shane has spent many years working along side the Watermill Center.

Slow Food East End Board Member

Shane is a Board member of Slow Food East End. As a member of the Shinnecock Nation, Shane hopes to apply his cultural background to the board and its mission.

About Slow Food East End

Graves Protection Warrior Society

Shane is Co-Chairman of this group. GPWS is oriented around protecting and preventing Native American burial grounds and remains on Long Island from being desecrated, removed, or held from the indigenous people the region.

Southampton Town / Shinnecock Nation Cultural Heritage Stewardship Committee

Shane is a founding member of this committee. The mission of this committee is to preserve sites within Southampton Town that are culturally sensitive to the Shinnecock Nation. It also serves to prevent further desecration of uncovered remains found during land development.

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